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We’re the tech PR agency that makes you the de facto leader in your field

That’s a pretty bold statement, huh? But it’s not just talk. Our track record with clients demonstrates our ability to deliver on this promise.

Consistently, we are the B2B tech PR firm that delivers domination of mindshare for our tech clients. To your target market, you’re the company they read about most – you’re the de facto leader in your field.


Proof that our clients dominate mindshare

Time and again, through our expertise and discipline combined with insights from our in-house tech, we move our clients to the #1 mindshare position in their sector. We can’t think of a single tech PR agency with the courage to say this or the evidence to back this up.

Our client’s mindshare
The mindshare of all their top 4 rivals

Cloud client

Our client’s mindshare
The mindshare of all their top 5 rivals

LMS client

Our client’s mindshare
The mindshare of all their top 2 rivals

ConTech client

Our client’s mindshare
The mindshare of all their top 5 rivals

Testing client

Our client’s mindshare
The mindshare of all their top 5 rivals

Chipmaker client


Why does dominating mindshare matter?

Dominating mindshare in your sector should be the default setting for every technology PR campaign. No matter how good your technology or your people, historically, the organizations that usually “win” in a sector are the ones that people know best — and consequently trust most.

Over time, mindshare typically translates into market share, particularly in new and emerging sectors.

Be the experts

Your company is the first company that comes to mind when your prospects need to engage a company with your expertise. They keep reading about you and that familiarity engenders trust.

Build your funnel

What is at the top of every sales & marketing funnel diagram? Awareness. If people don’t know you and trust you, you won’t get close to your full growth potential.


So how do we keep doing this for our clients?

By mastering the science and the art of tech PR

Data-led PR strategy

Data guides everything we do, thanks to our custom-built PR analytics tech. This allows us to perfectly visualize your world and understand what actually moves the needle for your organization.

Razor-sharp targeting

We provide the missing link that you will barely see anywhere else in the PR world — data-driven targeting of the media. We use data science to work out exactly what publications your target audience is consuming.

Multi-layered expertise

Most agencies have a structural problem that they’re not aware of, whereby clients receive little expertise from their PR agency. We developed a new structure so that everyone on our team is an expert in their discipline (such as content development) as well as a particular domain (such as telecom).

Focused on delivery

We put tangible deliverables into our contract with you so that you can be confident it is in our interests for us to keep delivering for you every month.

Geek to human translation

We take deep tech and translate it into stories that engage your target audience, profile your expertise and build your business. Our writers understand geek and write human.

Smart storytelling

From the solid foundation of data insights, we harness our creativity in a smart way to deliver fresh storylines that the media want to write about and your target audience wants to read.

Baked-in proactivity

While other agencies get around to proactive media pitching when they can, we hire an experienced professional whose only job is to pitch the media week in and week out.

Borderless PR

To think that you need to be in the same country as a journalist to interact with them is archaic, yet it’s still the standard PR agency model. We find and connect with the right journalists wherever they are based.

“It is well known throughout our entire marketing organization that you can reach out to Sonus for insight and strong recommendations on any project we’re developing. That’s an extremely valuable commodity that just isn’t replicated by other PR agencies.”

Amit Malhotra, Global Lead, Marketing Communications & Programs, VIAVI Solutions


Stories we’re generating for our clients

“Sonus is amazing! With our previous agency, we were facing a lot of challenges mainly because they weren’t technical enough. But it’s so easy to work with everyone at Sonus because they get us.”

Pragya Vaishwanar, Market and Sales Enablement, Capgemini Engineering


Trusted by leaders and disruptors

We’re trusted by tech leaders, scale-ups, and disruptors. From enterprise tech PR, AI PR, and telecom PR to cybersecurity PR, manufacturing PR, electronics PR, and space tech PR – no level of technical complexity fazes us.

Deep tech PR is in our veins. Even if no other tech PR agency understands your market, we’ll articulate your story and get you to the top.

Digital engineering
Capital program management
Intelligent industry
Network interconnection
Telecom & cybersecurity software
Network security
ASIC design & supply
Learning management
Networking & security
Machine learning
Telecom BSS
Innovation agency
Satellite launch services
Multi-cloud data management
Fiber optical networks
AI consultancy
Test & measurement
Wi-Fi industry body

“Sonus understands the nitty gritty details of our highly technical business at least as well as I do. That level of understanding and detail is extremely rare in an agency.”

Chris Goswami, fmr. Director of Communications, Enea