What We Do

We help build tech businesses and solve their problems through intelligent storytelling

Some of the stories we’re telling for our clients

“Sonus has elevated our existing media relations and helped us forge new ones. They home in on the right media outlets and journalists that are the best fit for us and our product roadmap. Our media coverage has increased dramatically.”

Misann Ellmaker, Strategic Communications & Marketing, Optiva

How We Do It

Public Relations

If you think you could be getting better awareness through the media, you’re probably right.

We get better results for our clients by:

  • Thinking and acting globally
  • Understanding the hot button issues that will give you a platform
  • Knowing which media and analysts will move the needle for your business
  • Measuring the impact of what you and your competitors are doing and fine-tuning future activity
  • Creating content for the media that reads like editorial, not marketing fluff

Content Development

Finding excellent content creators who know your industry isn’t easy. It’s lucky you found us.

We create crisp, thoughtful, beautiful content that gets results by:

  • Hiring heavyweight thinkers and writers who already understand industry issues
  • Thinking from the perspective of your target audience to create the content they most need
  • Pinpointing the right types of content to achieve your business goals
  • Developing a wide range of content options, including eBooks, reports, white papers, videos, infographics, blogs, brochures, webinars and case studies
  • Experimenting with content types to find winning formulas

Case Study

Infostretch: Blog writing becomes critical top-of-funnel marketing activity

View case study

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Genuine strategists are not that common in agency land…especially when we keep hiring them.

We formulate or refine strategies that move the needle for our clients by:

  • Understanding technology, use cases and market dynamics
  • Segmenting target audiences to work out their challenges and desires and then matching those to the messages we need to communicate
  • Word-smithing messages until they’re powerful and crisp
  • Developing campaigns through analysis to ensure maximum impact

Case Study

fonYou: Creating customer-focused messaging and website

View case study

Research & Intelligence

For when gut-feel and a wing-and-a-prayer are not enough…

We give our clients the edge by arming them with reliable intelligence that:

  • Clarifies the status, plans and priorities of their target audiences
  • Elevates decision making across sales & marketing efforts
  • Endows them with gravitas and thought-leader credentials

Case Study

Enea: Using research to kickstart 5G industry discussion

View case study

Case Study

VIAVI Solutions: Using research to dominate 5G test & measurement mindshare

View case study

Digital Marketing

If you’re completely honest, your digital lead generation could be a little more effective and efficient, right?

We upgrade our clients’ digital lead generation by:

  • Putting high-value content at the heart of digital campaigns
  • Knowing where your target audiences gather in the digital world
  • Knowing what works and what doesn’t for lead gen in complex B2B technology sales
  • Driving campaigns from creative concepts and content development into digital ads, budget management, lead capture and management

Case Study

Enea: Creating hundreds of leads through a new content format

View case study

"Sonus is amazing! With our previous agency, we were facing a lot of challenges mainly because they weren’t technical enough. But it’s so easy to work with everyone at Sonus because they get us."

Pragya Vaishwanar, Director Marketing - Influencer Relations, Altran

Global Reach

We’re a single, unified team based in the critical media and analyst markets of the US and UK - with contacts across the world. We’re in a rare sweet spot - a focused, boutique operation with global reach. Drop us a note.

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