What we do

We build the awareness and reputations of tech businesses

How do we do that?

By focusing on what delivers the greatest impact

We focus on the core tech PR agency capabilities that most effectively transform the reputation of our clients.

By remaining focused and not trying to be all things to all people, we’ve become better and better in these key areas.

Data-led strategy

Our Account Leads are intelligent, organized strategists who drive results and create order.

They operate the Sonus FRAMEwork, a real-time, data-infused strategic framework designed to move the needle for their clients’ business.

Big media wins

We specifically hire individuals with a rare flare for media relations and dedicate them to that role.

They are the ones that thrive on creating new angles, who love the ‘win’ of securing a major article and take pride in seeing how good they’ve made their client contacts look to their exec team.

Smart content

If you’ve ever been disappointed with the content creation abilities from a tech PR agency, that’s because you haven’t worked with us before.

We hire brilliant, natural writers who are dedicated to specific sectors and who quickly become beloved by the clients that they serve.

Analyst prestige

We hire dedicated analyst relations professionals to focus on a specific tech sector and become the go-to expert in their field.

They know the right way to make you into a company that the right folks at Gartner, Forrester, IDC and all the niche firms will take seriously.


And what are the results from that?

Through focus, discipline and smart hiring, we consistently make our clients into the leading voice in their sector, even if they’re not the largest company in that sector. Our clients ‘punch above their weight’ and appear to be the company to watch in their market, giving them the platform to drive their business forward.