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Blog | Jun 2021

Why Content Is Still King – Especially In B2B Tech

A quick search today on LinkedIn reveals that there are more than 266,000 jobs in the United States alone that center around content. Likewise, a similar search with the term “thought leadership” reveals more than 56,000 job openings in the US. Almost 9,000 of those combined positions specify B2B experience, underscoring the vast need that B2B marketing teams have for content creators.


Blog | Jan 2021

B2B Tech PR Agencies vs Consumer Tech PR Agencies

I’m going to make the assumption that you, the reader, are looking around for PR support for your tech company and you need to work out which agencies look suitable. So, if that assumption is correct, read to the end of this article and we may save you a year or two of frustration and possibly even your job.


Blog | Jul 2020

The Anatomy Of An Effective Newsjack

It’s happened before: You see a blog, tweet or news story that’s trending, and you have a great idea for how your company can riff off of the idea to gain exposure – the classic newsjack. But successful newsjacking takes experience and following a certain formula to ensure that your great idea doesn’t become a missed opportunity.


Blog | Jul 2020

How To Use Gartner’s Hype Cycle To Define Marketing Strategy

Most people in B2B tech marketing are aware of Gartner’s iconic Hype Cycle. Beyond providing interesting data, however, the Hype Cycle can be a key tool for tech marketers to define their marketing strategy.


Blog | Jul 2020

Do You Really Need That Press Release?

It’s a common dilemma when handling marketing and public relations for B2B tech firms: Any time there’s news – big or small – the expectation is that you should issue a press release. The reality, though, is that press releases aren’t warranted for every announcement, and there often are creative alternatives to press releases that will be a better fit.


Blog | Jul 2020

Using Your Company’s Stakeholders To Create Great Content

Internal stakeholders are one of the greatest resources that tech marketers have for creating compelling content. Engineers, C-level execs, project managers, technology managers or security specialists are just a few examples of internal stakeholders within your company who can help you develop outstanding content.


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