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We’re the cybersecurity PR agency that makes you the de facto leader in your field

Yes, that’s a big, bold claim – and it’s one that we can absolutely back up.

We’re a tech PR agency with solid cybersecurity PR experience – and we deliver the best results. Read on to find out why.


Proof that our clients dominate mindshare


Why does dominating mindshare matter?

Dominating mindshare in your sector should be the default goal of every cybersecurity PR campaign. Being the company that people know best and trust most gives your business the platform for growth that will set you apart from your competition.

Be the experts

It’s obviously beneficial to be well known – but to succeed in your field, you have to be well known for something, to be the expert that prospects in your market know they can turn to when they need a company with your expertise.

Build your funnel

At the top of every sales and marketing funnel is awareness. With effective cybersecurity PR, you can fill your funnel and give your company the greatest potential for generating sales.

“It is well known throughout our entire marketing organization that you can reach out to Sonus for insight and strong recommendations on any project we’re developing. That’s an extremely valuable commodity that just isn’t replicated by other PR agencies.”

Amit Malhotra, Global Lead, Marketing Communications & Programs, VIAVI Solutions


So how do we keep doing this for our clients?

By mastering the science and the art of cybersecurity PR

Data-led PR strategy

Trust us, you won’t see the phrase ‘data-led PR strategy’ on many PR agency websites. For us, it’s at the heart of what we do. We use robust, actionable data to determine the PR strategy so that everything we do has purpose and value.

Razor-sharp targeting

We use data science to pinpoint where your target audiences get their information. No guesswork or gut-feels. This is fundamental to our PR campaigns – and likewise, not something you’re likely to see elsewhere.

Multi-layered expertise

The traditional PR agency model is flawed – it operates on a pyramid hierarchy where clients get most hours from junior staff. We’ve redesigned the model so you get expertise at both the domain level (such as analyst relations) as well as your industry sector.

Focused on delivery

In our contracts, you will see definitive outputs – things we will achieve for you. When we work for you, you know that we are serious about achieving those results.

Geek to human translation

Not everyone can understand deep tech and translate that into language your target audience can engage with. We’ve hired some of the smartest geek-to-human translators in the business.

Smart storytelling

Smart storytelling means telling stories with purpose, by starting the storytelling process, not with you and what you have to sell, but with your target audiences and what challenges they face. Our methodology increases the quality and resonance of the stories we tell.

Baked-in proactivity

In most agencies ‘pro-activity’ is something they get around to if and when they can. With our PR agency model, we have a pro-active media relations specialist dedicated to telling your story consistently.

Borderless PR

It’s amazing that most agencies haven’t made the mental leap to understand that you don’t have to be in the same country as a journalist to engage them. Our digital world is borderless and we engage with influential journalists regardless of where they are based.

“You guys are uber-strategic!”

Ashley Kusowski, Head of Corporate Communications, Infoblox

“Sonus understands the nitty gritty details of our highly technical business at least as well as I do. That level of understanding and detail is extremely rare in an agency.”

Chris Goswami, fmr. Director of Communications, Enea