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Tech marketing lessons from superheroes

What tech marketing can learn from superheroes

In tech marketing, inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources. I got to thinking the other day about what tech marketing lessons we could take from superheroes.It turns out, quite a lot… 1. Have a great origin story Pretty much every superhero has a great origin story. The shy teenager bitten by a radioactive […]


8 tips for a better website press page

Journalists shouldn’t have to hunt around your website for information they can use to write about you. You need to make it easy for them. A good media section on your website shows the media that you are a serious player. And it increases their goodwill towards you, because you’re making their lives easier. Having […]


Use Gartner’s Hype Cycle to define your marketing strategy

Most people in B2B tech marketing are aware of Gartner’s iconic Hype Cycle. But fewer people have considered it as an incredible guide to defining their marketing strategy. Align your marketing strategy to the Hype Cycle and you can shortcut a lot of navel-gazing about the right marketing strategy and start executing. It is easy […]

Paid earned owned media technology PR tech PR London San Francisco

What you need to know about earned, paid and owned media

The media has changed. There was a time, not so long ago, when businesses only wanted to be featured in broadsheets and broadcast outlets. That era is long gone. Now PRs have to navigate blogs, websites, video channels and a host of high-profile and emerging tech and business sites. What follows is by no means […]

Major Trends at MobileBeat 2015

Earlier this week, the San Francisco Sonus team attended MobileBeat, hosted by VentureBeat.  A quick three-block walk from our office in downtown San Francisco, MobileBeat was the perfect opportunity for us to take the pulse of the consumer mobile industry and to connect with top professionals and influencers. Word of mouth rules The day started […]

Why Satya Nadella is my new tech hero

No matter what, redundancies are a tragedy. The thousands of job losses announced by Microsoft recently were a result of a doomed business strategy. The tech giant believed it could compete against the behemoths of Apple’s iPhones and the smorgasbord of Android devices. Hardware has never been Microsoft’s bread and butter. The supposed three-way clash […]

Tech PR’s Role in Getting Your Startup Acquired

Nowadays it seems like everyone and their college roommate has a billion dollar tech startup idea. But the question is, will it attract the attention needed to become the next unicorn? Ingenuity and hard work are only going to get tech startups so far before they hit a brick wall. If the end game is […]

The business case for external PR and marketing support

Okay, you know that you need an external PR and marketing agency to get the marketing and business results your executive team is demanding. But do they understand it? Maybe. Maybe not. Assuming there is not a fully-fledged, board-approved marketing plan with an agency budget already in hand, here are the three arguments for bringing […]