Sonus PR most “Mobile Savvy PR Firm” of 2014

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Sonus PR is announced the most mobile-savvy PR agency of 2014

Sonus has been named as the SuperStar in the category “Mobile Savvy PR Firm Visionary” for the 2014 Mobile Star awards!

We came top in this category, beating out a number of rival agencies (including the world’s largest PR agency). What makes this so meaningful is that this is voted for by the mobile industry.

So a big thanks for all the people that voted for us. We work really hard to make our mobile clients successful and it means a lot to be recognized for the work we do.

B2B mobile PR is not a job for amateurs. You need a lot of expertise and a lot of technical knowledge to make an impact. Very few PR agencies have the experience to do a great job in B2B mobile PR and telecom PR.

So if you need an agency that really knows mobile, you know who to contact!