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Sure, you can write a press release. And you can fire it out over a newswire service. But you know that’s not enough.

Where are the in-depth analyses of your news? Where are the requests to interview your CEO? Where are your thought-leadership bylines? Where is the buzz about your company?

Opportunities don’t magically happen on their own. You have to put in the hours to build content and relationships. Hours you don’t have. You need technology Public Relations professionals.


If you’re not in that vital analyst report or you’re placed poorly in it, bad things happen.

It can derail a big deal you were sure to win. Prospects you haven’t even met can decide that you’re not a serious player. Your CEO decides it’s time to micro-manage the marketing department.

Do analyst relations well and you feel that too. More prospects contact you. The sales cycle is shorter. Partnerships are easier. We will get you there. You will have friendly, productive relationships with analysts. You will always be on their radar. And you will get into that vital analyst report.

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