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There are a handful of events that everyone wants to speak at. For good reason. They give you profile, gravitas, awareness.

A platform to address your world. But getting these high-profile slots is not easy. And what about the dozens of other events that you could attend or speak at?

We will show you which events you should be speaking at, to reach the best audience. Which ones are editorial and which are pay-for-play. How to stand the best chance of being chosen. We know the technology hot buttons. We know what event organizers are looking for. We know how to write speaker proposals that get you results.


You say you want more buzz about your company. Well, winning awards is a pretty straightforward way of getting that buzz.

If you don’t enter awards you don’t win them. It’s that simple.

Some people get cynical about awards. They say you buy awards. You don’t. You pay an entry fee, create a dazzling entry and you sometimes win. Some people say that no-one believes in awards anymore. Nonsense. When you look at the website of a company and see a load of awards, a little voice inside you says: “Wow, they must be doing something right.”

The right awards make you look like a safer bet for prospects and potential employees. And they make your CEO so excited. Trust us on this – we’ve seen CEOs go from dour to delightful with a single award.

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