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You get it. Social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter, are important now in B2B tech.

At the very least you know it’s a hygiene factor. If you don’t have good, regular content or you have a horribly low number of followers, it looks terrible. It won’t impress younger tech decision-makers, it won’t impress your prospects and it won’t impress your board.

But before you get the intern to do it, because they’re on Facebook and Twitter all the time, think.

Is their understanding of tech good enough to represent you? Is there a plan for creating high-quality content? How are you going to engage your audience? Do you have analytics to demonstrate the impact of social media on your business? We have been working with B2B technology social media for years and we know how to create quality content and manage your social channels professionally.


Yes, you need SEO. And, no, you can’t ignore it anymore… sorry.

Internet search is the starting point for most B2B technology purchases.

The good news? It’s mainly about content. Yes, content, words, images, thought-leadership, blogs, education, opinion. We’ll work with you on creating high-quality, regularly-updated content. And we’ll tell you the technical stuff you need to know about how to fix your website layout and text. In a few short months, you’ll be putting the finishing touches to your board presentation showing your new first-page search rankings and improved website traffic.

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