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Technology Content Creation


You know how important thought leadership content is. It brings you awareness. Establishes authority. It makes Google love you.

It helps bring in warm business leads. But getting the quantity and quality of content is not always easy. It doesn’t have to be that hard.

We write thought leadership content for almost all our clients. We will come to you with new thought leadership content ideas. Continually. And we’ll brainstorm with and interview your techies and exec team. To get to the heart and soul of your company. We know technology and we’re professional writers and marketers. We make it easy for you. We are your content machine.


Your prospects conduct online research before they contact anyone. If you don’t have good long-form content which shows your mastery of the issues, you’re often out of the picture.

And you won’t even know it. Whitepapers are vital in B2B technology purchases.

But it is hard get your senior technology people to write whitepapers. They have so many competing demands. The next product release. The customer demands.

There is an easier way. We can interview your senior techies. It will take them an hour to speak with us versus days of writing that they don’t have. You will have a high-quality, educational whitepaper. It will fully explain the issues. And the technology. Then we will publish and promote it to generate new leads.


Telling stories through charts, graphs, icons, shapes, numbers, colors… Who doesn’t love a good infographic?

But have you been successful in creating and promoting them? Probably not. It is harder than it looks.

There are three parts to it. Research, design and promotion. The research part is time-consuming and requires in-depth knowledge of your tech market. The design is tough too. Your go-to designer may or may not know the rules of engagement for great infographics.
And promotion. Do you know which sites will publish them? How it should look on your website. Do you really want to capture leads from an infographic?

Or you can come to us and we’ll handle everything. From start to finish. Easy.


Professional case studies prove that you know what you are doing. Your prospects want to know that you have done it before.

But it is just one of the many priorities you have to juggle. Do you really have the time to do a great job? Do you have the format in mind? What about the questions to ask your customer? What about design?
We’ll create the questions. We’ll interview your customer by phone or email. We’ll create the text. We’ll design it professionally. We’ll make it easy for you.


You’ve seen it and you’ve felt it. Video content is big. And it is going to get bigger.

Sure, you would love to create more video content for your company. But where should you start?

Video blogs (vlogs) provide a burst of thought leadership, in an easy-to-digest format. Getting your people talking in 90-180 second bursts about hot issues is powerful. It adds personality to your company. It shows your thought leadership credentials. It is more likely to be “consumed” than an equivalent piece of text.

You can have a professional, edited video with intro/outro graphics, high-quality sound and video for less than you’d think.

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