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Brand strategy for tech


Is your company’s positioning clear? Do you look dramatically different? Or do you look like another company that does a bunch of technology stuff?

Getting to the simple truth, the simple purpose of your company, can be complicated.

We provide the outside perspective. We provide the market context and analysis. We provide the senior marketers that know your technology market, to guide you and your stakeholders through the process.

When we complete the process, you will have simple, powerful words to describe your company. We will articulate your purpose, your differentiation and the reasons why the outside world should trust you.


Your company doesn’t live in a bubble. Yes, you have to forge your own path. But you cannot ignore what your competitors are doing.

For your marketing department to be treated like the strategic resource it is, you need to provide competitive intelligence.

What are your competitors doing? What are they launching? What messages are they pushing? Which media and analysts are writing about them? Where are they exhibiting? Who are they hiring?

You and your exec team don’t have to be paranoid. You just have to be well-informed.

We provide the research. We provide the analysis and intelligent commentary. We allow you to be the starting point for your company’s response to the market.

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