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Our Expertise

Geek to human translation

We take deep tech and translate it into stories that engage your target audience, profile your expertise and build your business.

Our track-record

Sector domination

We're the B2B tech PR agency you choose if you're serious about dominating your sector.

We know this is a very bold claim. But it’s true. Time and again, we get our clients the majority mindshare in their market through technology PR – and we can prove it.

It starts with understanding technology. Dig below the surface and you’ll see that there are very few genuinely technically-minded agencies. Realistically, there are perhaps a dozen agencies worldwide that have serious B2B tech PR know-how. You’d be surprised at how often we hear from clients that their previous technology PR agency wasn’t sufficiently technical to make it work.

Then, you move onto geography. We have multiple people in the critical media and analyst markets of the US and the UK. Take those dozen B2B tech agencies and strip out the ones that are only good at US or UK PR, and we’re already the last agency standing.

Then you add in our obsessive level of tracking, categorizing and pitching media around the world, the creativity that goes into our writing and storytelling and the intelligence that goes into our PR strategies and you’re getting close to why our clients come out on top. Read the case studies below.

Insight-driven storytelling

We developed our own PR & Marketing analytics system, Sonus Analytics, so our clients have the data they need to make smart decisions. See the impact of campaigns on your business, understand competitor share of voice, track the penetration of marketing messages and much more.

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Should we be your B2B tech PR agency?

Here's what you probably need to know to decide if we’re the right fit.

Do we know B2B technology?

If you're involved with any cutting-edge technology, then it's very likely we're already heavily involved with it and have done related tech PR campaigns, thought leadership, analyst briefings, lead generation campaigns, social campaigns, maybe even an eBook or two.

Do we get great results?

Our clients usually dominate the mindshare in their sectors. That's not a coincidence - that's us consistently doing a hundred different elements of tech PR right. Check out what our clients say and read some of our PR case studies.

Do we work with companies like yours?

Scan our case studies - you might recognize some of the names. But if there's one thing that defines our client base, it's companies that are publicly a much bigger deal now compared to before we started working with them. Hint: also not a coincidence.

If we look like a good fit, send us a message in the Contact box below and we can set up a time to talk.

Global Reach

We’re a single, unified team based in the critical media and analyst markets of the US and UK - with contacts across the world. We’re in a rare sweet spot - a focused, boutique operation with global reach. Drop us a note.

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