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About Us

We spread the word…

Great technology can fundamentally improve life. Our purpose is to take your great technology and spread the word through tech PR and content marketing. So that people understand how your technology improves business, infrastructure and people’s lives.

…and help you punch above your weight

We crystallize your message. We create your content. We tell your story to influencers. We tell your story through digital channels. We help you get found. We help people trust you. We help you punch above your weight. We are your secret weapon.

…across the world.

We operate across the world. From San Francisco to London to Sydney to Sao Paolo, we communicate with your world. Your influencers and your buyers. Wherever they are.

We get you results…

Understanding of deep tech is vital. Passion for technology is vital. Creativity is vital. But that only takes you so far. Making your company fly needs preparation and planning. The back-up of process and project management. We don’t do fluffy and we don’t do touchy-feely. We do results.

…based on real insight,

We research where your influencers are. Where your prospects are. What they read. What shows they attend. What they’re searching for. Who they follow. What they need.

…outcomes that we put into our contract

We agree KPIs with you at the start of the campaign and we achieve them. You won’t need to chase us or wonder what we’re doing. We’re committed to achieving those results and we put those results into our contract. And if things change for you, we find new, creative ways to achieve your goals.

…and strong project management.

We explain what we’ll achieve in the next 30 days. Then we project manage the team, assign the tasks and set dates for completion. And we keep you updated with how we’re progressing with our KPIs – every time we talk to you.

How can we help you?

We are a dedicated tech PR agency.

We love technology.
And we love telling stories about technology.